It’s almost 4 years that I’ve been living in Hanoi. When I say 4 years, most of my friend were surprised but it was not long enough for me to know clearly about the history as well as the spirit of the real Hanoian. However… It was already enough for me to feel and to love every little thing about this dragon rested land.

In all those years living in Hanoi, I had opportunities to meet different people. I learnt histories through the landmarks. I loved walking on the street full of trees. I loved the 36 old streets in the old town which portrayed 36 main jobs in the past. I learnt the beauty and gentle of Hanoian’s Vietnamese from the old grandmas sitting on the sidewalk. I discovered that the best coffee is always from a small café hidden in the smallest alley. With my friend – Troy, together… we had a wonderful day go around and enjoy Hanoi on an Autumn day.


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