Time Management – A little more organization please


Let’s be real for a second…. LIFE IS HECTIC! Since when did we all turn into adults and legitimately need to say, ‘let me check my diary’ before committing to plans?!

I know I never thought I would need a schedule or alarms or future planning just to get through the week but I am 100% serious when I say I would be more lost than Nemo if I didn’t have my wall planner and diary.

Going to uni, living out of home, working, volunteering, exercising, having some sort of a social life, writing my blog and finding some ‘me time’ would not happen each week without a little organization. So, without further ado, here’s my tips and tricks to get me through this crazy life we live:

  1. Have a wall planner that shows the whole year
    My wall planner is my life. I have everything on mine – uni assignments, work times, payments coming in, payments going out, reminders, birthdays, flights – EVERYTHING!Having a wall planner that shows more than one month at a time is super helpful. I have been lucky to get them quite cheap through my uni, but they can be a bit expensive at some places so you may have to search a little bit to get one that shows more than one month.

    Having a diary or planner can also help with keeping track of money if you’re trying to save or just need some help budgeting. Check out my Ballin’ on a Budget blog post here to see how.

  2. Wake up at the same time everyday
    This may not sound like it has anything to do with organization but it really does help. I always try and wake up around the same time each morning, even when I don’t have to be up early, except Sundays…. Would it even be a real weekend if we didn’t sleep in at least once?I find that if I get up around the same time each day I find that I not only can establish a morning routine, but I am super productive when I first wake up so I can get a few things done before ‘starting the day’. I use an app called Sleep Cycle which I HIGHLY recommend using! Basically, the app monitors your sleep cycles throughout the night and allows you to set an alarm that will wake you up when you’re in a light sleep phase, making it wayyyyyy easier to wake up.

    Through using this app I learned that I usually am in a light sleep phase around 5:30am, so waking up at that time – although it sounds crazy because it’s so early – actually makes my day flow so much smoother. I feel better when I wake up around 5:30am every day, I am so productive and most days can tackle just about anything life throws at me.

  3. Plan ahead for just about everything and prioritise!

Using your trusty wall planner or diary, spend half an hour or so on a Sunday looking at your week ahead. Work out what you have on that week, at what times and where.

time management  A little more organization please

Time Management 

When I plan my weeks I usually look at things in order of commitment, so for example:

Work goes on the calendar first (I work the same days each week so that makes that easy)
Then days/times I need to be at uni (also the same days each week)
Time allocated to study
Volunteering time
Work out times (this seems low on the list but that doesn’t make it a low priority! It’s not hard to find half an hour to an hour to work out each day so I slot this in where I can, depending on my other commitments that week)
Anything extra fits in around all of the above

I try and leave my weekends free. Not because I don’t do anything on weekends, I still go to the markets and clean the house on weekends, but because I like to use this time as my time to do whatever I want/need to do. Whether that be going to the beach, hanging with my boy or watching three movies in a row in a pillow fort (or being responsible and studying), I just like to have a day or two where I can wing it.

So there’s my three go to organization tips! I love being organized and knowing what’s going on, at what times and where… Having said that, spontaneity makes life exciting and fun, so as with everything I say, don’t take this too seriously and beat yourself up if one week your less organized than another.

I hope this has helped you in some sort of way in keeping your organization on point. Life can always be crazy but don’t forget that little bit of craziness is always a bit of fun.

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