It’s Pink in the Middle – Podcast

It’s Pink in the Middle – Podcast

Let’s get 2017 started right — with new intro music, a new logo, and a new podcast!

We start by talking about our completely over-the-top Christmas, and our food resolutions for 2017. Then we introduce a new segment — shoutouts! We run down our experience at Nomorama’s Slider Showdown, who we think will win Top Chef, and of course we have to round it out with some rants. Danielle is not here for non-lasagna lasagnas and Sherród doesn’t understand people who cook spiralized vegetables.

This Week’s Shoutouts:

  • @fitmittenkitchen on Instagram:
  • @theartfulcaker on Instagram:

Other People and Sites Mentioned:

  • Nomarama:
  • The Regular Chef:
  • Beyond Meat (bleeding veggie burger):

About Slice & Torte

Slice & Torte is a site about two cooks from two different perspectives giving you unadulterated food porn. Danielle is the baker – precise and measured. Sherród is the cook – wild and spontaneous. Together, we make food that is simple and delicious, that warms the soul and engages the mind. Our videos teach interesting recipes and new techniques, while on our podcast, we cut up while talking about our everyday experiences with food. Join us for fabulous videos, great recipes and ridiculous conversations.

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