Making Kombucha Part One

Making Kombucha Part One

Making Kombucha Part One By Georgia Sibley

For me (and for almost everyone else in the world), the Christmas period was all about overindulging in yummy food and a few too many drinks with friends and family. In the first few days or 2017 I heard of the ‘Microbiome Diet’ so I thought I’d do a bit of research to see what it was all about. I wasn’t actually looking for a diet to start, I think I just wanted to feel a bit healthier by looking into health related articles (slightly sad, I know). Through researching the microbiome diet, I learned about kombucha.

I had never heard of kombucha before and I wasn’t sure it would be as nice as people on the internet made out. Tea isn’t my thing at all – I’ve only just started drinking green tea and even that took me a few goes at convincing myself I liked it – so I figured I wouldn’t like kombucha. Plus, the whole idea of drinking something that ferments with a weird, mushroom looking thing that’s alive didn’t sound overly inviting to me at all. But the more I read about kombucha, the more I wanted it to be something incorporated into my diet for all the amazing health benefits… so I just prayed that it tasted good as I headed to my local health food store.

It. Was. Amazing. So deliciously light and fizzy and the one I tried had such a nice flavor. I knew I had to learn how to make it.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m ready to make my first batch. I’ve bought a big glass jar, two glass bottles (one litre each) and tomorrow I’ll be picking up my SCOBY.



Making Kombucha Part One

The next day

I just got my SCOBY and I’m so nervous but so excited to make my first batch of kombucha!

I’ve sort of made my recipe up after watching/reading a few different ways to make it and while waiting (very impatiently) for my tea brew to cool down I’ve written it down below.

Kombucha recipe
4 tea bags (I used 2 green, 2 black but you can use just black or just green)
Half a cup of sugar
Six cups of water
One cup of starter tea

  • Boil two and a half cups of water
  • Add tea bags and then take the pot off the heat and allow to steep for five – ten minutes (the longer the more bitter the taste will be)
  • Remove tea bags and stir in sugar
  • Keep stirring sugar until it has all dissolved
  • Add remaining water and allow brew to cool to room temperature
  • Once cool, add tea brew to glass jar (my jar already had my starter tea and SCOBY in it, if your SCOBY and starter tea are in another jar, add these to the jar the tea is now in)
  • Cover with a tea towel and secure with a rubber band to keep the bugs and other nasties out
  • Keep jar in a warm, secure area, out of direct sunlight for seven – thirty days (again, the longer it ferments the more bitter the flavor)
  • After seven days, taste your kombucha with a straw to see how you like the taste
  • Once you have a taste that you’re happy with, remove your SCOBY and some starter tea for the next batch
  • Pour your kombucha into glass bottles and either secondary ferment them (to flavor them – I’ll write more about flavouring once I experiment with it myself) or place in the fridge to stop the fermenting process

You can adjust the amounts of ingredients depending how much you want to make – I based mine around making one litre then doubled everything (sugar, starter tea, water and tea bags)

My SCOBY and starter tea


Making Kombucha FoodMann Recipes Abode Lifestyle


I’ve just added my tea to my SCOBY jar which means my kombucha is now brewing (HOW EXCITING!).

Making Kombucha FoodMann Recipe Abode Lifestyle

Making Kombucha Part One

I will finish this post in about a week once I have tasted it – hopefully I have good news for you guys!

Wish me luck!

Georgia x



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