Kangaroo Meat… Up to 5 times healthier

The kangaroo is well known for its brute strength & power but it appears many are unaware of its many health benefits. 

Clare Engelke & the University of Adelaide have discovered Kangaroo Meat has up to 5 times the amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) compared to lamb which is also considered a high source of CLA.

CLA has been researched for its anti- cancer/diabetes properties and has also been shown to reduce body fat in humans.

“Australian lamb is considered to be a relatively high source of CLA, so I was surprised to find the levels in kangaroos were that much higher in comparison” – Clare Engelke

Not only will you benefit from the high CLA levels but you will be happy to know it is virtually fat free and has high levels of zinc, ironprotein & many B vitamins.

kangaroo meat health diet FoodMann Recipes Lifestyle Abode

What else does kangaroo meat have going for it?

100% of Australia’s kangaroo meat exports are sourced from the wild population, this results in a low carbon footprint as they don’t require additional water, food or care.

kangaroo meat health diet FoodMann Recipes Lifestyle Abode

The kangaroos carbon footprint is also lowered in comparison to sheep and beef due to the low methane production.(less farting)

Microorganisms in the stomach of sheep and beef produce high levels of greenhouse gases, with levels reaching 600 times that of kangaroo’s.

kangaroo meat foodmann recipes lifestyle abode

Such qualities have lead to the creation of a new diet labeled “Kangatarianism

Kangatarianism is a diet which excludes all meat except for kangaroo on the grounds of the overall benefits and sustainability.

Advocates also find it an easy choice as the Australian kangaroos live natural lives in the wild, eating organic food and are processed humanely.

kangaroo meat diet food mann recipes lifestyle abode

How should you cook kangaroo meat?

(With the exception of sausages & mince – More information)

Due to the low fat levels kangaroo is best served medium rare and should not be overcooked.

Place onto a hot pan and cook for approx. 4 minutes on each side, once cooked place the meat onto a plate and cover for 5 minutes to allow to rest before serving/slicing.

It is important to let kangaroo rest before serving as it helps reduce the amount of juice lose when cutting, and will ultimately lead to a tastier meal.

Seasoning Tips

Marinate in a high quality olive oil with black cracked pepper for at least 1 hour before cooking.

“A 150 gram serving contains a third of the daily recommended iron intake.”





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