Attempting a Juice Cleanse

Attempting a Juice Cleanse

Attempting a Juice Cleanse By Georgia Sibley

I know that juice cleanses can be a controversial topic amongst the health industry and I’m definitely not an expert on the pros and cons or apparent health benefits. However, I do know that for the last week or so I have been eating some meals that I wouldn’t normally eat and I have noticed the difference in how I feel massively!

Indulging in a few pieces of pizza and then a creamy carbonara a few nights later was all fun at the time but now I don’t feel good at all. Feeling bloated, sluggish and tired are not normal for me and I’m really not enjoying these feelings at all. These feelings are what prompted me to try a single day juice cleanse.

I know I can just go back to my normal, clean diet, but I feel like trying a single day juice cleanse will help me to start the week fresh with no toxins or left over yucky stuff in my tummy. I will openly admit that I love a placebo and this may have a placebo effect on me but I see this as a positive – as long as I feel better and get out of the bad habit I’ve somehow started in the last week.

So I will break my day down into what juices I’ve had, what time I’ve had them and how I’m feeling. Please note that I’m not following a certain juice cleanse or any particular rules, I have never done a juice cleanse before so I’m making this up as I go.

Green tea – I’m not sure if I can have green teas on a juice cleanse since it’s not juice, but I love green tea so I’m still having my morning tea.

First juice of the day: Green smoothie – this smoothie has kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, ginger, one small apple, ice and water. I made enough for two smoothies so I’ll have this one now, then another later.

Second juice of the day: Green smoothie – I’m actually not that hungry but I felt like I should have this smoothie now before I do get hungry.

Attempting a Juice Cleanse

Attempting a Juice Cleanse

Attempting a Juice Cleanse

Okay in all honesty I’m not actually hungry, but I feel like eating food. The things I would do right now to munch into some sushi… oh my god!

Third juice of the day: Carrot, orange, ginger, ice, water – this smoothie is delicious! My favourite part though, is that it’s quite thick and semi chunky so I actually get to chew something, yay! Ps. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of this one, I was in a rush to get to the beach.

Fourth juice of the day: Rock melon, celery, ice and coconut water – yes this sounds weird but I swear it’s actually so yum! I’ve just come back from a few hours at the beach and this smoothie is so refreshing.

Attempting a Juice Cleanse

Attempting a Juice Cleanse 2

This is so yum I swear!

Attempting a Juice Cleanse

Okay I need some food. I feel like I can’t concentrate properly because I’m thinking about food. I have avoided Instagram all day because I follow so many amazing food pages and I don’t want to see the food I could be eating. I can’t get through the next few hours without anything solid…

I semi feel like I’ve failed but I know I’m listening to my body (who is telling me to get some food into me asap!). So, here’s my plan: have a small snack now  then later this evening I’ll have a small roast pumpkin and sweet potato salad.

Now that I have eaten I feel so tired. Almost like I’ve had a massive meal and gone into a food coma, yet I only had a few bites of some pork from last nights dinner. Maybe my body went into a bit of starvation mode and now it thinks it’s hibernation time… not sure. All I know is I don’t feel super cleansed and I really want to sleep.

I have to go out now, but I’ll update you all this evening after I’ve had a small dinner.

Wish me luck!

Georgia x

Attempting a Juice Cleanse

Four Hours Later…

Okay so I have had some food! I had a version of the salad bowl most recently posted on my Instagram which filled me up so much more than it normally would.

When I left my apartment earlier, I honestly thought I would fall asleep any second. This feeling lasted about an hour or so and then I felt better. So… would I do a juice cleanse again? I’m really not sure. It was only hard for about two – three hours at which point I gave in and ate some food. But I still think it was beneficial for me for the following reasons:

1. Because I have struggled through being hungry and not eating solid food for almost a full day, I now don’t want that to be for nothing so I am determined to eat as cleanly as I normally do which was the entire point for me personally, YAY SUCCESS!

2. I really love juices and smoothies (check my fave go to smoothie recipes here)

3. Through trying a cleanse personally (as opposed to going off other peoples experiences) I have figured out what is best for my body and what my body needs – which is clean, healthy, nourishing food.

Would I recommend a juice cleanse for someone else? Well, I am a firm believer of trying things for yourself and making up your own mind so there will be no recommendations here.

Take this post however you wish.

I hope you have learned something.

Now I’m off to enjoy the satisfaction of my amazing dinner filling my tummy and my heart.

Georgia x

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